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The North American Management Society (NAMS) is an organization consisting of management scholars and practitioners in the pursuit of management knowledge everywhere.

The North American Management Society (NAMS) focuses on management scholars and practitioners in North America, the United States and Canada, and other interested individuals. Most of our members are from smaller educational institutions and from practitioners in profit and nonprofit organizations.

NAMS seeks scholarly works by academics and management practitioners from large and small organizations, for-profit and not-for-profit, in all areas of management. We hope to learn from each others’ works in original paper sessions as well as cases and panel discussions.

NAMS is a scholarly society that is a peer-supportive, constructive organization. We help each other strengthen our work. We do not score points for putting people down or “nailing” people. Where a paper can be improved, encouraging support and guidance, with suggestions for improvements, in a friendly manner, is OUR WAY. Every one wins when the authors are aided and a paper is improved, and the science is thus strengthened.

Our Officers

Erin Rae Fluegge

Southeast Missouri State University

2024 President/Webmaster/Proceedings Editor

Foster Roberts

Auburn University at Montgomery

2024 Program Chair

Nick Johnston

University of Arkansas

2024 Membership Chair

Arlene Ramkissoon

Franklin University


John Grant

Ohio Dominican University


Michael Dobbs

Eastern Illinois University

JNAMS Editor & Webmaster

Regina Greenwood

Nova Southeastern University

MBAA Liaison

Management scholars and practitioners in the pursuit of management knowledge everywhere.