NAMS Annual Conference​

NAMS Award Winning Papers

Building a Better Future for Christian Higher Education: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officers
Maria Lai-Ling Lam, Anderson University (SC)

 Citizenship Fatigue as a Mediator on Critical Employee Outcomes
Benjamin Zugay

 Greed is not Good: The Negative Impacts of Supervisor
Bottom-Line Mentality on Employee Outcomes
Tae Seok Yang, Western Illinois University
Alankrita Pandey, Eastern Michigan University
Megan Endres, Eastern Michigan University


  Improving Mobile Phone Banking Usefulness, Liability, Risk, Cost, and Intention to Adopt
Ali Parfait Hebie and Steve Roussas

   Developing and Piloting a Training Program to Ameliorate Work Ethic Espousal
Melissa Mann

Millennials and Role Innovation
Baiyun Gong, Arlene Ramkissoon, Regina A. Greenwood, David S. Hoyte

 Once Bitten, Twice Shy? An Examination of Factors
Affecting Desire to Negotiate Again
Roger Volkema, Denise Fleck, and Sergio Pereira

Faculty Promotion in Business Schools:  What Counts and What Should Count
Carolyn Wiley
Valerie Wallingford
Mireia Monilor-Tormos
Gyongyi Konyu-Fogel

Model for Effective Quick-Service Restaurant Leadership
Carlotta S. Walker

Corporate Governance and Transparency: A Research Study Investigating CEO Duality in Fortune Ranked Companies
Patricia B. Abels and Joseph T. Martelli

A Practical Approach to Addressing Strategic Risk and Uncertainty for Management Consultants
Thomas Cooper and Blair Winsor

The Impact of Organizational Capabilities, Environmental Uncertainties, and Generic Strategies on Crisis Readiness: An Empirical Examination of Retail Professionals
William Rick Crandall, John A. Parnell, Maria Nathan

An Investigation of the innovation and Integration Capacity of the U. S. Health Care Organizations
Dawn E. Bowden

From Micro to Meso: Overuse of Strengths-A Framework for Assessing and Improving Organizational Effectiveness
Craig Sorochuk
John G. Wilson

The Role of Workarounds and in Burnout and Occupational Injuries
Jonathon R. B. Halbesleben

The Efficacy of Accommodating Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Employees
Linda Balsamo

Measuring the Effectiveness of a Workplace Diversity Training Program: A Field Study
Kenneth P. De Meuse
Todd J. Hostager
Katie O’Neil

Strategic Decision-Making: Problems and Prospects
David O’Gorman

Influence of Individual Differences on the Job Search Process
Rajeev Sawhney
Steven C. Hunt
K. K. Rathore

The Vanishing Leisure of the Faculty Class: New Administrative Challenges and Responses
Michael G. Harvey
Milorad M. Novisevic
Thomas D. Sigerstad
Thomas S. Kuffel
Pasul N. Keaton

 A Human Performance Model of Workplace Disability
Edward Heler
The Role of the Initial Interview in New Management Ph.D.’s Job Search
Steven Hunt

Resource Dependency and Corporate Directors: A Test of the Business Week Best and Worst Boards
Jeryl L. Nelson

’Glorified Messengers for Management’ or ‘Legitimate Unionism’: Analyzing Local Independent Unions in the Post-Company Union Era
Victor C. Devinatz
Deming: A New Philosophy or Another Voice
John B. Washburn

 Imagine That – A Wildcat at Biomed! Organizational Justice and the Anatomy of a Wildcat Strike at a Nonunionized Medical electronics Facility
Victor C. Devinatz

Disciplining Police Officers for Off-Duty Misconduct: Recent Arbitration Decisions
William J. Walsh
The Impact of Strategic Management and External Factors on Performance in Small U. S. Exporting Firms
Thomas Garsombke
Diane Garsombke

Behavioral and Institutional Theories of Human Resource Practices: A n Integrated Perspective
A. Amin Mohamed and David E. Terpstra
Support Systems for Training: What We Learned from the Literature
Max U. Montesino and Mitchell A. Sherr

Reframing HRM, Ethics, and Legal theories to Promote Managerial Integrity
Joseph A. Petrick and John F. Quinn
The Effects of Environment, Strategy, Culture, and Resource Dependency on Perceptions of Organizational Effectiveness of Schools of Business
Christopher B. Clott

An Examination of Differences in the Effect of EIP Design and Administration Practices in Large and Small Companies
Richard J. Magjuka
Measuring Business Strategy: Test Retest Reliability of Perceptual Items from the PIMS Database
Aaron A. Buchko


Union/Non-Union Differentials: A Case Study of One Manufacturing Firm’s Purchasing Experience
David A. Dilts, Edwin C. Leonard, and Wayne E. Funk
Labor Management Cooperation: employee Involvement and the Communication Process
Stuart M. Klein
Before, Around, and About McGregor’s Theory X and Y: Roethlisberger, Drucker, Worthy, Maslow
Ronald G. Greenwood



The Strategic Management Implications of 1992 and 
The European Community and the Single European Act of 1987
David P. Gustafson, author of both


 The Ideal Entry-Level and Management Profile
Ron Stephens, Dan R. Curtis, and Jerry L. Winsor